Many tenants at 100 Kingsway may not be aware of the high service charges of this building – as your landlord/ lady includes this amount within the rent price. The service charges have dramatically increased over the last six months. As of this year, those who are renting may not notice a change in rents. However, should we not resolve the service charge matters it is highly likely that Rent Prices WILL INCREASE  – as landlords/ladies will have to pass on these costs.

Therefore we request, that if you could kindly reach out and “pass the message” to your landlord or lady of our Resident Association movement. We are needing and sourcing 21 more signatures to form R/A, please, and thank you for your time.


Keep costs low and hold the value of our properties.

We will work together so that service charges are agreeable. The service charges should not later end up affecting the values of our flats.

Website Updated 27th April 2021