This website is to provide everyone who lives within the building with regular formal updates.

The focus group (future R/A) is not here to badger, argue or throw complaints to the service management on contrary, it is to work better alongside them and understand both of our positions better – reducing our costs and create a better standard of living within Kingsway. If we create a residents association we will have more power and authority to control and partially run the building.

Furthermore, future potential flat purchasers and future tenants can see the current situation of the building. Our unified efforts to cost manage for better living.

Future buyers and residents can also see our positive friendly neighbourly-block manner that we offer to each other.

Our focus group currently consists of the following:

Daniel Kersh | Antonia | Honey Panah | Melissa Lane | Dan O Shea | Kunal Dutta | Shomik Raha | Colin O D’ Onaghue

Website Updated 29th April 2021