Welcome to 100 Kingsway

Looking out for the residents at Kingsway N12

Service Charges

Managing costs to keep service charges reasonable

hygiene & cleanliness

Ensuring that we reside in a clean and presentable environment.


Looking after each other and our homes.

building & Maintenance

Ensuring that essential areas of the building are fixed efficiently and correctly.

Focus Group To Residents Association

Welcome to the Kingsway focus group. Currently, we are a focus group working on behalf of the residents in the building.

As of yet, we are not an official Residents Association as we few numbers short of the required amount of 95 where we stand at 74. 

By forming a R/A we can hold further power and maintain better cost control and issues that need to be dealt with immediately. 

Service Charge 


ZOOM MEETING TUES: 19.7.21 At 8-9.20 pm

Feel free to join us! Find out what’s the current situation and the plan forward. We are also interested in hearing your thoughts.

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Meeting ID: 785 7537 4591
Passcode: KgacG6

Meeting ID: 794 0979 9893
Passcode: g3divd

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